Backstage is where some of the real magic happens in Live Entertainment!

We’re here to equip you with cutting edge industry skills and inspiration to take on your path into Live Production Design

What should I bring to class?

We recommend you bring a notebook for note-taking so as not to feel overwhelmed trying to remember all of the information presented, Training Materials and Example Files are provided for you

Will I be a Wizard after Class? 

You shouldn’t expect to be a lvl99 Elite programmer! But by the end you will leave us with the skills to pay the bills!

One course isn’t enough time to master your career, Our courses are a helpful introduction to brand new hardware & software built on philosophies and a history of excellence in an evolving industry.

What should I do after the grandMA3 class?

Excellence is not an Art. It’s the Habit of Practice! – If you don’t have access to hardware, download the free software from HERE and get creative!

Help Manuals and Release Notes are a great resource to help you stay up to date with new features, bug fixes and future releases of the software and we will provide you with continued learning resources to keep you up to speed.

Can you teach onPc Users?

Yes, We can teach anyone!. We recommend onPC users have a Command Wing and accompanying touch display for the class. 

Is Lunch Provided?

Yes! All Catering and Dietary Requirements are covered as part of the Class sign up. 

Can you Host Group Sessions For Our Organisation?

Yes! We can cater for larger numbers if your organisation has a suitable number of Consoles and Licences available. Contact Us at info@lightology.net.au to talk about the requirements of your class sizes.

What can I expect attending a training class to be like?

Our classes are designed to be hands-on and for ages, young and old from all backgrounds to help you build the skills you need to become a star in the entertainment industry.

We build the foundations by teaching a set of skills necessary to be able to confidently Program, Operate or Design any small to mid-size show across all mediums and users including Music, Art, Television, Theatre and Corporate Events.

The classes are team building and designed for no more than two people per console to help us build your familiarity with hardware, Navigation of control surfaces is an important step to becoming an efficient and accurate programmer.

What do I need to know before attending a class?

Each course has a different level of complexity, but they all require a good understanding of Practical Lighting theory and familiarity with Moving Lights.

Fundamentals classes are designed for brand new and infrequent users and people with a background in Entertainment Lighting who are transitioning across to the Vectorworks & MA Lighting Family from other ecosystems. If you are new or unfamiliar with the Different Types of Light, DMX and Drawing Packages we would recommend becoming more familiar with these before taking the class. 

For information on where you can start learning about the magic of Entertainment Lighting write to us at info@lightology.net.au


Beginner classes are built for participants who have pre-existing knowledge of Lighting and already have some experience working behind the scenes in the lighting industry. These classes build knowledge and cover how to efficiently set up your software to get the most out of your Hardware

Cross Over Class participants should have previous experience with other generations of Software and Hardware. We recommend attendees coming across from other consoles enrol in the beginner course. 


Intermediate participants need a strong understanding of the philosophy on how the software works and want a dive deeper into features, workflows and options.

In Classroom

Fundamentals to Advanced topics on the grandMA3 

Individual and Group Training

For programmers across Music Television, Arts and Theatrical Environments

Digital academy


Learn grandMA3 at your own pace with our Online Courses


Grandma3 Academy

We work with people 1 on 1 and small groups to deliver training for levels starting at the Fundamentals level up to Advanced Topics on the grandMA3 catering to programmers across Music Television, Arts and Theatrical Environments.

Sydney | Brisbane | Melbourne | Adelaide | Perth

Fundamentals grandMA3

1 Day

This course is designed for programmers who have little to no experience with MA consoles, and for people new to lighting programming in general. 

The Fundamentals course covers: Hardware Layout & General Navigation, Patching & Console Setup, Selection & Presets, Sequences & Executors with Basic 3D & Networking.

This course is designed to welcome a programmer into our MA Lighting Family.

grandMA2 to grandMA3 Cross Over 

2 Days

This course is designed for avid grandMA2 programmers who are transitioning to over the grandMA3. 

It covers grandMA2 to grandMA3 differences in hardware layout, console navigation, 3D Environments & MVR, Selection Girds, Effects to Phasers, layouts, timecode, networking and more. 

This course is designed to help a programmer become familiar with these key differences.

grandMA3 Beginner 

2 Days

This is an expansion to the fundamentals and the course is designed for programmers who have some experience with or transitioning to the grandMA family of consoles. 

This course is also great for people new to lighting programming in general. It covers Views, Attribute & Timing, Patching, Groups, Presets, Sequences, Executors, and Phasers 3D and Networking. 

It provides a more comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of programming with the grandMA3.



Cost (Ex GST)

Fundamentals grandMA3

1 Day


grandMA2 to grandMA3 X-Over

2 Days


grandMA3 Beginner

2 Days


grandMA3 Intermediate

3 Days (coming soon)


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